Things about Mr. Bear...

Current Habitat: St. Paul, Minnesota

Lives a life filled with magic.

Graduated with an animation degree from art school... but learned all his art skills from his grandmother.

Wishes for an endless jar of honey. Wants to live in a field of wildflowers with all the native bees. Has been known to give really good and long hugs. Is known for practicing a life of love & fortitude in his journey here. Believes anything can be solved after climbing a mountain. Fell in love with his partner over reading children’s books. Vows to always protect the Earth and create magic with her. Loves to wander the forest’s barefoot with his dog child star. Strives to always grow as an artist and never stop learning. Realizes that imagination is the key to unlocking the destiny of life.

Animal Spirit: A white forest Dragon

Secret: Is a Jedi in training.

Another Secret: While in public, many have seen him opening doors to stores with ninja punch/kick moves.